Natural Diet for Dogs

12 Aug 2019 03:20

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It goes without saying that your dog needs the right diet to stay healthy. Veterinarians and pet food manufacturers have different views on how to feed their dogs properly. Although commercial pet food manufacturers are greatly encouraged by the benefits, commercially prepared foods are routinely recommended as part of a good or good diet for your dog. Sometimes your vet or dog breeder agrees that commercially prepared food is the only food for your dog. Dog Names info Many experts, however, often prefer natural foods including dog meat and bones. It is better to cook raw because some minerals are definitely lost during cooking.


The reason is that your dogs are often fed to professionally prepared animals, in addition to convenience (depending on the quality), they may actually contain many of the nutrients needed for your dog's wellbeing. The keyword here is quality. In fact, there are very few commercial producers who produce nutritious foods. And it is not a brand you find in your supermarket or in most pet shops or even vets.

Lightly dried foods and sometimes raw bones with rice or pasta, and unusually high quality food scraps from your table usually contain most of the nutrients your dog needs.

All dogs should be provided with adequate nutrition to maintain their health and fitness. The most important nutrients for your dog include water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. French Dog Names In professionally produced diets, vitamin or mineral deficiencies are not widely used in dogs today. On the other hand, the formulas and dry formulas you get from your vet or local grocery store are not your dog's natural diet. If your dog has to feed himself in the wild (assuming it can fit in), he will choose raw meat. And there is a reason why meat and bones in particular are so good that there is chewing and cleaning teeth that fills bones. Of course, there are also commercially manufactured replacement products that can effectively clean your dog's teeth and meet its chewing needs.

A lesser known fact is that simply feeding your dog meat (without bones and grains or other carbohydrate sources) can cause serious drawbacks: Your dog is also known to be lethargic, sick and dead to all humans. Meat diet. French Dog Names But what about dogs in the wild, I ask you? Is meat not a dog's natural food? Bridget, didn't you say that? OK and no: In wild dogs, whole prey eat, not just beef meat - they get plant material from their prey's digestive system and calcium from bone. Wild dogs also occasionally feed on plants, fruits and berries.

Most dogs use it to eat raw fruits and vegetables. A dog that has been professionally prepared does not taste dog food fresh food throughout its life. If you introduce such healthy food, it can change in your nose. But stick to it - first try to eat a handful of carrots or apples. And if your dog is still very young, it is better. Start by the time you plan to feed it raw fruits and vegetables from time to time. Your dog's health will benefit!

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